Aluminium Patio Cover

The classic line of the Aluminium Patio Cover design gives a definite clean cut look.  The integrated fascia gutter forms the basis of the design and product uniqueness.

The product is available only in marble white on white.  Installation is purpose designed to suit the style of house or architecture, office complex and factory.  You are guaranteed a product that will improve the value of your property and last for many years.  Posts and beams are selected to suit individual requirements and the engineer’s design.  All materials other than aluminium are hot dipped galvanised and powder coated/painted (steel).

Patio Covers double up living areas and provide extended living space.  Whether a car, boat, caravan, braai, patio table or fleet of vehicles, we assist you to find the best solutions.  This is a hassle free product that provides the ultimate protection against Mother Nature.

The Finishing Touch is a distributor of the Sun Adjust range patio covers.  This is he domestic range of products manufactured by Hulett, South Africa.  The Sun-Adjust patio cover can be opened to allow sunlight to filter onto the patio during the cooler winter months, and can be closed to shade the patio during summer.  The angle or opening is adjusted with a handle which, through a gearbox, sets the angle of the panels.  This in turn determines the amount of sunlight which comes through.  The adjustable patio cover is 95% watertight when closed.  As the panels are adjustable and are not fixed.  The Adjustable Patio is not deemed a fixed roof and therefore does not constitute as coverage.